How to Be a Resilient Person

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So you’ve gone through a rough patch and find yourself reliving the old pain. Now what? When do you shift to a resilient mindset? It’s more simple than you might think. Still, it takes effort.

Without adversity there can be no growth. And while blame, shame, and defensiveness are natural reactions to upheaval, on the other side of adversity comes wisdom, self-compassion, and confidence.

What does resilience mean?

Every time we bounce back from a tough patch, we become better people. Resilience is a positive trait anyone can develop. Resilience is the valuable gem on the other side of painful change.

What’s an example of a resilient person?

In Lucy Hone’s TedTalk, The Three Secrets of Resilient People, she talks about the loss of her 12-year-old daughter. In an effort to find hope on the other side of her grief-stricken state, she put her own resilience research to the test.

It is utterly possible to make yourself think and act in certain ways that help you navigate tough times. Resilient people don’t diminish the negative but they also have worked out a way of tuning in to the good- Lucy Hone

Lucy is the epitome of resilience.

How to build resilience

The more on the list below you can muster, the better.

  1. Positive self-talk.

2. Remind yourself of a time you demonstrated resilience. Tap into those feelings again.

3. Connect with loved ones, including your pets. Allow others to soothe you. Remind yourself you’re not alone.

4. Take care of your body. That means healthy foods, plenty of sleep, water and exercise.

5. Journal, pray, and meditate. Find the deeper meaning of the event.

When You’re Overwhelmed

Chunk down tasks into small steps. Ask yourself, What’s the easiest next thing I can do. Let go of perfection.

Appreciate the aspects of your life that make you feel good.


No one escapes adversity. To build resilience, shift your attention to better-feeling thoughts and actions.

Building resilience lets you overcome a sense of helplessness. Anyone can build resilience, which in turn relieves stress and negative emotions.

When was a time you experienced painful change? What helped you bounce back?


Published by Janet Karam

As my life unfolds, as more and more things start to come together, I feel compelled to share what I create and am inspired by. I am so grateful for the seemingly random artists and seekers I've found on my journey who have helped me on my way that I wish to do the same for others.

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