Emotional Alchemy

Photo by Romain Vignes on Unsplash

You want to feel better…

Who hasn’t wished for what someone else has, resented someone, or tried to control others by withholding something?

Like a magnet, your mind seems to draw more and more negative thoughts.

Magnetizing Thoughts

Say I resent someone. I stew on it because in the back of my mind I believe it proves how badly I’ve been wronged.

All I’ve proven is my ability to focus intensely on something that makes me feel terrible.

We’ve all done this.

It’s humbling, but true. We get what we contemplate. When I think of something I’m afraid of, I magnify it. A quick look at your own life and the lives of others will reveal the same truth.

Whether our negative state involves an overtaxed schedule, past regret, or someone who rubs you the wrong way, the more you think of it, the more of it you get.

Deliberate Thought

We are mightier than we realize.

What we think about materializes. To feel better, we must train our imaginations on the good.

Love and hate are opposites. Same with fear vs. faith, resentment vs. forgiveness, jealousy vs. admiration, and freedom vs. restraint.

We can’t feel opposite emotions at the same time.

Try, it’s impossible.

Emotional Alchemy

So, what’s the antidote?

Think of yourself as an alchemist.

Focus on your desired state. Mix images, words, and mood to concentrate to the opposite of the negative state.


Like attracts like holds true for thoughts.

Every desire, uttered or unexpressed, is a demand.

Florence Scovel Shinn

We bring forth what we think about.

How are you directing your thoughts today?

Published by Janet Karam

As my life unfolds, as more and more things start to come together, I feel compelled to share what I create and am inspired by. I am so grateful for the seemingly random artists and seekers I've found on my journey who have helped me on my way that I wish to do the same for others.

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