Internal Decluttering

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Most of us have a messy heap somewhere, even if it’s confined to a junk drawer or in a box hidden from sight.

Those of us who are sentimental or thrifty have a harder time letting go of stuff.

Whether it’s souvenirs we’ve gathered on travels, mementos that make us smile, single socks we’ve set aside while we wait for the return on the one that’s missing, we humans accumulate stuff.

Some of us get teased for the volume of stuff we hold onto.

The truth is in one way or another, we humans accumulate more than we need.

Just like our physical space can become cluttered, the same happens on our insides.

What I’m talking about is internal clutter.

In the form of fears, habits, memories, opinions, shame, or resentment, we hold onto non-physical things that weigh us down.

While decluttering, downsizing, and simplifying our physical stuff are trending, we can apply the same principles to our inner worlds.

One of the most liberating things we can do is begin to let go of the beliefs, attitudes, and opinions we collected so long ago that we can’t recall where they came from. We can ask ourselves if they still fit.

We can imagine there’s an enormous donation box at the bottom of the sea, on some distant planet, or way down below the earth’s surface.

We can use our imagination to lighten our invisible load.

Published by Janet Karam

As my life unfolds, as more and more things start to come together, I feel compelled to share what I create and am inspired by. I am so grateful for the seemingly random artists and seekers I've found on my journey who have helped me on my way that I wish to do the same for others.

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