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Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis involves a deeply relaxed state where we have access to the subconscious mind. People come for hypnosis for many different reasons. For example, to overcome habits, fears, phobias, or stress. They also come for hypnosis to break bad habits or create new ones. For example, improved sleep, weight loss, and smoking cessation. All therapeuticContinue reading “Why Hypnosis?”

Art, Poetry & Hypnosis

Art was my first love. Then came poetry. Now hypnotism. Underneath all is the healing power of the imagination, my tendency to search for meaning and connect deeply with life. I love the way these modalities can be woven together into a magical healing process. If I could paint or write until I became aContinue reading “Art, Poetry & Hypnosis”

Imagination Workshop

Why is it that we often imagine what we don’t want to have happen? The power of our subconscious is almighty. When we’re tuned into the wrong station, paying attention to pictures that don’t align with our desires, we end up adopting the desires of others. Then we resent them! You Are an Image Generator–Continue reading “Imagination Workshop”

Emotional Alchemy

You want to feel better… Who hasn’t wished for what someone else has, resented someone, or tried to control others by withholding something? Like a magnet, your mind seems to draw more and more negative thoughts. Magnetizing Thoughts Say I resent someone. I stew on it because in the back of my mind I believeContinue reading “Emotional Alchemy”

Feeling is the Secret

Who doesn’t want more peace, happiness, and joy? But if you don’t understand the impact of your emotions, putting your attention there may not be on your to do list. I awoke with the idea that I won’t pour anymore resentment, envy, or remorse into the melting pot of emotion. That I’ll turn my attentionContinue reading “Feeling is the Secret”

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